Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the year cleanup...

We've got a little business to take care of today...

First, A couple of blogs have gone private and have given me an email address to post for anyone who would like to be invited to read their blog. I will list them here with their email adresses as well as in the sidebar under their names.

Shantelle Barber Martinez --- email

David Thorpe --- email address not available*** leave a comment on their new "fake" blog if you woul llke to be invited to view their real blog.

I'm sure that this "private" list will be everchanging and I just wanted to direct you to a previous entry from our blog HERE with an idea I had for private bloggers, especially if you would rather not have your email address posted publicly.

Well, I had one more item of business to tend to, but I hear screaming children in the distance and I think I may have to break it up... later.

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