Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Pay for the Reunion

Here are instructions for how to Pay for the reunion! Money must be paid by JULY 1, 2014.  We are only accepting payment through PayPal, and we can't wait to see you all there!!!  If you have any questions, post them to our class Facebook page (others may have the same question) or you can e-mail me at 1994sfhs@gmail.com.  - Rachael

This is the only way to pay, and you MUST follow these instructions or we will get money but won't know who it's for (or from). 
1. Go to the website: paypal.com
2. Create a new account or login if you already have an account. 
*Note* If you create a new account and link it to your bank account it may take 2-3 days to verify your account (when you follow their steps).
3. Click "Send Money" tab at top.
4. In the "to" box type 1994sfhs@gmail.com
5. Enter the total amount that you are paying for ($30 per person, $60 per couple).
6. In the "what are you sending money for?" You MUST click "I'm sending money to family & friends" so that you will not receive additional charges.
*Note* if you pay by bank account set up with paypal account there is no charge - if you pay by debit/credit there is a $0.33 charge.
7. Click "Continue" and you will see a new page (looks like a receipt of sorts).
8. Please fill out the Subject Line: "Reunion Money" and in the "Message" box you MUST fill in who you are paying for (Your name and the name of your guest). If your name has changed since graduation, please note that (ie: maiden name).
Thank you!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 Year Reunion Info and Save the Date

Here's a 'Save the Date' for the 20 year reunion.  Directions for how to pay (via PayPal) will be posted shortly.  In the meantime, share this info with all class members!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's get this party started.... RIGHT!

Well, I've got a lot of pics to post up on here and on Facebook from the REUNION so I'd better get started!

Just a couple of things to discuss...

First, PLEASE feel free to email any pics you took on the big night to sfhs1994@gmail.com and I'll get them posted.

Second, I am not, I repeat AM NOT a professional photographer. I am asking your forgiveness in advance for any "less than perfect" shots. If I get any names wrong (spellings, spouses, etc... please comment and I'll fix it). I tried really hard to get pics of everyone, but it is more than possible that I failed in this... I'm sorry in advance and ask that if you have pics that you send them to me!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated! A good time was had by all (in my less than humble opinion)I had a great time seeing you all again and I'm looking forward to the 20 Year Reunion already (attending NOT planning... just kidding... not really)

Speaking of reunion planning... here's the Studentbody President from 1994 who will be in charge of the next reunion, Dave Esplin with his lovely wife Kate (Frampton) Esplin

A big thanks to Greg and Heather (Stone) Kitchen who were on the planning committee this year and were responsible for the yummy food (catered by GoodWood BBQ).

Aaron Roach, Aaron Hill, Daishan Roach, Charmay (Cummins) Hill

(you get to figure out who's with who based on the last names)

Leave it to Todd Miller to wear this shirt...

with this skirt...Jenny and Todd Miller

Here is where I would like to point out a SFHS Class of '94 "connection"... Todd's wife Jenny is Carillisa (Lee) Bean's little sister. You see how that works? There are actually quite a lot of those "connections" in our class... It's kind of like that "Six degrees of Separation Theory" or whatever it's called, ONLY wierder... one way or the other about half our class became related through marriage.... really, it's true. Also, would this be a good time to ask "Carillisa where were you?"

Jordan and Jamie Rolfe came up from Arizona to escape the heat... not sure if they succeeded (it's been pretty hot lately)

I like to call these two girls "the Barbie wives"... I hope that's o.k.? I personally wouldn't mind being called a barbie.

Kenion and Holly Davis with Tiffany and Brady Roundy

Abbie (Jensen) Higginson visits with Rachael Gordon and her fiancee Brandon.

More THANKS go to these two for planning the fun activities at this year's reunion
Ben and Michelle Marziale

I've got a million more pictures... I'd like to point out that they can be viewed here on Facebook, where I might add, it is much easier to post and connect the pictures to individuals... hint, hint to those who are still avoiding the inevitable.

Oops... I forgot to add that I will slowly, but surely, be posting the rest of my pics up in the next few days.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Directions to reunion...

The reunion is tonight from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Mapleton City Park pavilion (or the Memorial Hall next door if it's raining).

The address is:
100 E. Maple Street
Mapleton, Utah

Here is a map (use the arrows to move it around and the + and - signs to zoom in and out)...

View Larger Map

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reason to celebrate...

Our problem is solved! We have found a place to hold the reunion. Many THANKS to all of you who posted and emailed suggestions. We looked into ALL of them (well, except maybe Carillisa's street plan - which did sound fun, but I can't imagine her neighbors would agree). In the end it was Robyn (Jackson) Stone who saved the day! We have now rented the outdoor pavillion and the Memorial Hall (in case of inclement weather) in Mapleton. And we got a SWEET deal - thanks to Robyn. So the reunion is a go!

Now all I've got to do is set up a Paypal button on here so you all can pay up (coming soon)! There are just a couple more details to iron out before then...

ONE MORE THING... I got an email from Connie (Cloward) Phillips the other day and she sent a link to her website for your viewing pleasure... http://www.conniephillips.com/ - check it out!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We recently held another planning meeting for our upcoming reunion, here is the rundown...

Where we met... At the home of Austin & Kelly Cope - thanks for hosting us at your lovely home!

Who was there... Austin & Kelly (Hendren) Cope, Greg & Heather (Stone) Kitchen, Michelle (Measom) Marziale & her brand new baby (in place of Ben), Pat & Julie (Nelson) Burnah, and Zak and Jamie (Clark) Dietz. Oh and a bunch of kids! (I'd like to thank the Copes for inviting kids along and letting them run wild both outside and in).

What we did... Well, we talked a lot about kids, jobs, life, etc... THEN we finally got around to the reunion stuff. What can I say? We were having a good time.

So here's what we know...

We have the date for the reunion set for Saturday July 25th, 2009. We all feel it's a good date for several reasons. The main one being that I've received more than a few requests that we coordinate with Fiesta Days because that's when people will be back in town.

Greg & Heather spent a considerable amount of time investigating possible caterers and were prepared with a lengthy list. It all sounded so good, but we eventually narrowed it down to 2 (Bajio's and GoodWood BBQ Company) and took a vote and then I was outvoted... sigh. Despite a last ditch effort by Zak and Austin to sway votes to Little Ceasers $5 pizzas, the votes were tallied and it looks like we will be dining on a menu prepared by GoodWood BBQ Company....mmmm!

We've decided to forgo any major decorating. I can't imagine that decor will be all that important in the long run and we are trying to keep the costs to a minimum. I mean, we are all coming to see each other - not balloons and streamers... right?

Speaking of costs... our goal is to keep it to $15.00 per person ( or $30.00 per couple).

I took on the assignment of posting this announcement, as well as creating a Facebook group page to hopefully get a few more people off the list. We also decided that we aren't going to spend any money on sending out formal invitations (no snail mail). We are sticking to email and internet and hoping that word will spread through these channels. Also, I'm trying to figure out if I can set up some way of taking payment through Paypal that won't eat into our costs, but will make it easy to collect the money and keep track of our guest list. I'm still working on that one.

So far, so good. Now for our biggest hurdle... WHERE to hold the reunion? The perfect place , by this we mean cheap or free yet big enough to host us all comfortably and not too far out of town, has eluded us thus far. Every park and pavilion that we've looked at in town is taken, we checked out the Salem Civic Center (I think that's what it's called) and it is way too expensive, and our last desperate attempt was the lunchroom at the highschool (it's nostalgic, right?). Unfortunately, there is a play that evening so it's a no go! I even called the new Salem High School, but they said they don't allow this kind of thing (whatever that means). SOOOOOO... what to do?

Well, I'm posting this on here in hopes that someone will come up with something that we haven't thought of or one of you is holding out on us and lives in a mansion nearby with lots of space and would like to step up and hold the reunion at your place.

I've put in a couple of calls to some other possibilities and Michelle & Ben are also working diligently towards a solution. I'm confindent something will present itself in due time! I'll keep you all up to date!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but for now that's all I can come up with... let us know if you've got an idea for us. Thanks!

UPDATE**Our problem is solved! We have found a place to hold the reunion. Many THANKS to all of you who posted and emailed suggestions. We looked into ALL of them (well, except maybe Carillisa's street plan - which did sound fun, but I can't imagine her neighbors would agree). In the end it was Robyn (Jackson) Stone who saved the day! We have now rented the outdoor pavillion and the Memorial Hall (in case of inclement weather) in Mapleton. And we got a SWEET deal - thanks to Robyn. So the reunion is a go!

Now all I've got to do is set up a Paypal button on here so you all can pay up (coming soon)! There are just a couple more details to iron out before then...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Search Of...

I think the easiest way to keep everyone corralled in the same spot and disperse information quickly is going to be our Class Facebook page (which can be found HERE), anyone who joins will be considered found and marked off the list below. It's simple, easy, and free to join AND for those of you who don't want to give out your email or any other info. you don't have to! We'll still be able to message you via facebook with the reunion announcements. HOWEVER, we do realize that Facebook is not everyone's cup of tea.  So, if we can get an email address or phone # for texting instead, we'll take it.

ANYTHING you know about how to reach these guys (see the list below)! Email sfhs1994@gmail.com or leave a comment below... As they are found they will be deleted off the list.

I have received lots of info. (thanks) and I am following up on it. I won't usually cross someone off the list until I have confirmed the info. (as in - hearing back from the person in question), so it could take a little while. Thanks for your patience.

Clayton Abbey ----------------------------                      ---------------------Teena Alldredge
Amy Anderson ----------------------Brian Andrew-------------------------------Jeff Argyle
Matthew Argyle-------------------------Chris Astin------------------------Brandon Asyeerne
Tyler Averett -----------------------Lesa Baadsgaard----------------------------Ilene Baker
Amber Ballinger -----------------------David Bandley-------------------------Mark Bangerter
Kimberly Banks ------------------------Zack Bauer----------------------------Bryant Beardall
Waylon Beckstrom---------------------Corrissa Bentley------------------------Peter Bernards
Steven Bernards----------------------Josh Bischoff--------------------------------Brad Bishop
                               -------------------Chet Blackham------------------------Heath Bloomfield
Bruce Brinkermeier--------------------                          ----------------------------Jake Bundy
Jayson Burke-------------------------Nathan Burraston---------------------------Jeremy Call
Craig Cannon-------------------------Brooke Caradine-------------------------Wesley Cardon
Candice Carter---------------------------David Carter------------------------Rachel Chabries
Roger Chapple---------------------Jeffrey Christensen---------------------
Jeremy Churchill----------------------------Davies Clarke---------------------Ashley Clayson
                       -------------------------Thayne Cloward-------------------------Seena Colbert
Shauna Colledge------------------------Melanie Daniels-----------------------David Danielson
Randi Davies-------------------------Christine Davis-----------------------------Dustin Davis
Troy Doutis------------------------------Dan Downey---------------------------Travis Draper
Teri Durrant--------------------------Kristen Durrence--------------------------
Rod Ekins------------------------------Sharon Elliott--------------------------
Ryan Evans--------------------------Renae Fausett------------------------------Adam Ferre
Gayle Ferre-----------------------Zacariah Forbush------------------------------Alan Foster
Steven Fox------------------------------Jared Francis--------------------Malissa Gappmayer
Amber Gardiner------------------------Casey Gardner-------------------------Jason Garfield
Darren Gooch----------------------------                       -----------------------Joshua Goodell
Bruce Gran------------------------------Amy Green----------------------------Troy Gregory
Katy Gregson----------------------------Chad Griffiths-------------------------Nick Griffiths
Sherry Griffiths---------------------------Jaleen Gull---------------------------Jeremy Gull
                       ----------------------------Heath Hales---------------------------
Chris Hammon--------------------------Sam Hampton------------------------
Brandon Hanks----------------------------Chris Hansen-------------------------Kirsti Hansen
Jordan Harris---------------------------Miriam Hassard----------------------Shanda Hawkins
Jenny Haymore----------------------Michael Healey-----------------------Tony Hendrickson
               ---------------------------------Heather Hill------------------------------Cody Holt
Steve Hoover----------------------                                 ------------------------Elaine Howes
Kirk Hughes---------------------------Jeff Jackson-----------------------------Aaron Janssen
Jade Jensen------------------------Jonathon Jeppson---------------------------Lori Johansen
Brian Johnson---------------------------Jason Johnson---------------------------Lisa Johnson
Karen Larson-----------------------Jared Lehmberg------------------------------Emily Lewis
Nicholas Lopez------------------------Justin Lowry----------------------------Sandra Ludlow
Jefferson Lundell------------------------Jacob Luster--------------------------Chris McMillan
John Measom----------------------------William Moak------------------------Clint Montague
Mark Morley----------------------------Thane Nebeker
Karen Nelson---------------------------Tara Lee Nelson-----------------------
Leif Olsen---------------------------------Bradley Olson--------------------------Nicole Paice
Jeremy Painter--------------------------Troy Palmer--------------------------Ja'Naye Payne
                       --------------------------Aaron Peterson-----------------------Hillary Peterson
                       -----------------------Michael Poteet--------------------------Andrew Poulsen
Daniel Poulsen------------------------                      -------------------------------Josh Reece
Craig Richardson-----------------------Michael Richey--------------------------Teena Rigby
Daniel Robbins-----------------------Heath Robinson--------------------------Matthew Sacco
Fernanda Salazar----------------------Andrea Sanderson--------------------------Paul Searle
Lance Shepherd-------------------------Daniel Simons---------------------------------------
Chad Smith--------------------------------Cody Smith----------------------------Jamie Snow
Jillian Sorensen-----------------------Richard Stephenson-----------------------Jared Stubbs
Lisa Swan------------------------------James Swenson------------------------Shannon Talbot
Jennifer Taylor--------------------------LaVon Thomas-------------------------Zac Thomas
Jamison Thornton------------------------Denise Thorpe--------------------------Jon Tuckett
Sitaleki Vaitohi---------------------Melissa Vanroosendaal-------------------------Sam Vest
Fred Vincent-----------------------------Susan Voges---------------------------Justin Walker
Suzanne Warnock----------------------                        -------------------------Corey Weaver
Rachael Wessman--------------------Christine Williams------------------------Sally Williams
Alison Wilson---------------------------Amelia Wilson-----------------------

Classmates who have passed away...
Adam Bradford, Andrea Brierley, Jill Coray, Clint Taylor, Jaime Harrison, Lyle Hathaway, Ben Johnson, Brandon Larsen, Austin Lloyd, Daniel Maycock, Max Mower, Jeromy O'Brien, Hayes Olsen, Jeremy Poulsen, Jason Cloward

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Good Deed...

One of our fellow classmates, Billi Jo (Baum) Petersen, has a beautiful daughter who was born with Angelman Syndrome. On May 16th there is a Walk-a-thon for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and anyone who is interested in helping out may participate. Everything you need to know is on Billi Jo's blog!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another one, or two...

Welcome Kori Beck Morgan to the SFHS Class of '94 blog! Kori has two blogs here are the links...
BLOG #1 and BLOG #2.

p.s. Kori, If you are reading this - I could only add one blog under your name in the sidebar so I picked the one you updated most recently.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Super" News

I got an email today with a new blog to be added... welcome Lea Frazier Kelley and all her boys to the Class of '94 blog! Check out her blog for the latest on the Superbowl 'cause she GETS TO GO! Fun!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wouldn't it be cool...

Wouldn't it be cool if you had your own t.v. show? Well, someone from our graduating class does! Check out this link to find out who... here's a hint (if you didn't already recognize him from the picture), the show is called "Jared Scott Outdoors".

Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Pretty cool, huh?

Monday, January 19, 2009

A little bit of fun...

I noticed that Rachael Gordon is having a fun giveaway on her Snacks 4 Kids blog... go and check it out (contest ends tomorrow)! Hope you "pick a winner" Rach!
(photo courtesy of www.photographybyjocelin.com)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

A new blog for the new year... Welcome Jared Scott and his adorable family (6 kids!) to the Spanish Fork High School Class of 1994 blog!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the year cleanup...

We've got a little business to take care of today...

First, A couple of blogs have gone private and have given me an email address to post for anyone who would like to be invited to read their blog. I will list them here with their email adresses as well as in the sidebar under their names.

Shantelle Barber Martinez --- email spidershanny@gmail.com

David Thorpe --- email address not available*** leave a comment on their new "fake" blog if you woul llke to be invited to view their real blog.

I'm sure that this "private" list will be everchanging and I just wanted to direct you to a previous entry from our blog HERE with an idea I had for private bloggers, especially if you would rather not have your email address posted publicly.

Well, I had one more item of business to tend to, but I hear screaming children in the distance and I think I may have to break it up... later.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

(picture taken from Adam Green's blog)

I had a little down time today to check out your blogs. It was nice to see all the Christmas wishes and holiday cheer! I have to say I was fascinated by the photo documentation of the ice storm on
Adam Green's blog - you should all check it out!

Monday, December 22, 2008

An old friend...

Got a message in my inbox over the weekend and thought I'd post it for you all!

"Okay, so I'm kind of a cheater. I didn't graduate from SFHS, but I would have if we hadn't moved away when I was in 8th grade. I grew up with most people I saw posted on the blog though, so I was wondering if you could help me out? There are so many people that I would love to catch up with if they're interested? My name was Katie Elmborg back then, it's Katie Belcher now. My email is kelmborg@hotmail.com, and I have a Facebook profile under my married name. I didn't know if there was any way you could post this info on your site, or get it to people? I would appreciate any help getting in touch with my old friends. Thank you so much! Katie Belcher (Elmborg)"

Here is a link to Katie's FACEBOOK!