Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's get this party started.... RIGHT!

Well, I've got a lot of pics to post up on here and on Facebook from the REUNION so I'd better get started!

Just a couple of things to discuss...

First, PLEASE feel free to email any pics you took on the big night to and I'll get them posted.

Second, I am not, I repeat AM NOT a professional photographer. I am asking your forgiveness in advance for any "less than perfect" shots. If I get any names wrong (spellings, spouses, etc... please comment and I'll fix it). I tried really hard to get pics of everyone, but it is more than possible that I failed in this... I'm sorry in advance and ask that if you have pics that you send them to me!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated! A good time was had by all (in my less than humble opinion)I had a great time seeing you all again and I'm looking forward to the 20 Year Reunion already (attending NOT planning... just kidding... not really)

Speaking of reunion planning... here's the Studentbody President from 1994 who will be in charge of the next reunion, Dave Esplin with his lovely wife Kate (Frampton) Esplin

A big thanks to Greg and Heather (Stone) Kitchen who were on the planning committee this year and were responsible for the yummy food (catered by GoodWood BBQ).

Aaron Roach, Aaron Hill, Daishan Roach, Charmay (Cummins) Hill

(you get to figure out who's with who based on the last names)

Leave it to Todd Miller to wear this shirt...

with this skirt...Jenny and Todd Miller

Here is where I would like to point out a SFHS Class of '94 "connection"... Todd's wife Jenny is Carillisa (Lee) Bean's little sister. You see how that works? There are actually quite a lot of those "connections" in our class... It's kind of like that "Six degrees of Separation Theory" or whatever it's called, ONLY wierder... one way or the other about half our class became related through marriage.... really, it's true. Also, would this be a good time to ask "Carillisa where were you?"

Jordan and Jamie Rolfe came up from Arizona to escape the heat... not sure if they succeeded (it's been pretty hot lately)

I like to call these two girls "the Barbie wives"... I hope that's o.k.? I personally wouldn't mind being called a barbie.

Kenion and Holly Davis with Tiffany and Brady Roundy

Abbie (Jensen) Higginson visits with Rachael Gordon and her fiancee Brandon.

More THANKS go to these two for planning the fun activities at this year's reunion
Ben and Michelle Marziale

I've got a million more pictures... I'd like to point out that they can be viewed here on Facebook, where I might add, it is much easier to post and connect the pictures to individuals... hint, hint to those who are still avoiding the inevitable.

Oops... I forgot to add that I will slowly, but surely, be posting the rest of my pics up in the next few days.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Directions to reunion...

The reunion is tonight from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Mapleton City Park pavilion (or the Memorial Hall next door if it's raining).

The address is:
100 E. Maple Street
Mapleton, Utah

Here is a map (use the arrows to move it around and the + and - signs to zoom in and out)...

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