Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Search Of...

I think the easiest way to keep everyone corralled in the same spot and disperse information quickly is going to be our Class Facebook page (which can be found HERE), anyone who joins will be considered found and marked off the list below. It's simple, easy, and free to join AND for those of you who don't want to give out your email or any other info. you don't have to! We'll still be able to message you via facebook with the reunion announcements. HOWEVER, we do realize that Facebook is not everyone's cup of tea.  So, if we can get an email address or phone # for texting instead, we'll take it.

ANYTHING you know about how to reach these guys (see the list below)! Email sfhs1994@gmail.com or leave a comment below... As they are found they will be deleted off the list.

I have received lots of info. (thanks) and I am following up on it. I won't usually cross someone off the list until I have confirmed the info. (as in - hearing back from the person in question), so it could take a little while. Thanks for your patience.

Clayton Abbey ----------------------------                      ---------------------Teena Alldredge
Amy Anderson ----------------------Brian Andrew-------------------------------Jeff Argyle
Matthew Argyle-------------------------Chris Astin------------------------Brandon Asyeerne
Tyler Averett -----------------------Lesa Baadsgaard----------------------------Ilene Baker
Amber Ballinger -----------------------David Bandley-------------------------Mark Bangerter
Kimberly Banks ------------------------Zack Bauer----------------------------Bryant Beardall
Waylon Beckstrom---------------------Corrissa Bentley------------------------Peter Bernards
Steven Bernards----------------------Josh Bischoff--------------------------------Brad Bishop
                               -------------------Chet Blackham------------------------Heath Bloomfield
Bruce Brinkermeier--------------------                          ----------------------------Jake Bundy
Jayson Burke-------------------------Nathan Burraston---------------------------Jeremy Call
Craig Cannon-------------------------Brooke Caradine-------------------------Wesley Cardon
Candice Carter---------------------------David Carter------------------------Rachel Chabries
Roger Chapple---------------------Jeffrey Christensen---------------------
Jeremy Churchill----------------------------Davies Clarke---------------------Ashley Clayson
                       -------------------------Thayne Cloward-------------------------Seena Colbert
Shauna Colledge------------------------Melanie Daniels-----------------------David Danielson
Randi Davies-------------------------Christine Davis-----------------------------Dustin Davis
Troy Doutis------------------------------Dan Downey---------------------------Travis Draper
Teri Durrant--------------------------Kristen Durrence--------------------------
Rod Ekins------------------------------Sharon Elliott--------------------------
Ryan Evans--------------------------Renae Fausett------------------------------Adam Ferre
Gayle Ferre-----------------------Zacariah Forbush------------------------------Alan Foster
Steven Fox------------------------------Jared Francis--------------------Malissa Gappmayer
Amber Gardiner------------------------Casey Gardner-------------------------Jason Garfield
Darren Gooch----------------------------                       -----------------------Joshua Goodell
Bruce Gran------------------------------Amy Green----------------------------Troy Gregory
Katy Gregson----------------------------Chad Griffiths-------------------------Nick Griffiths
Sherry Griffiths---------------------------Jaleen Gull---------------------------Jeremy Gull
                       ----------------------------Heath Hales---------------------------
Chris Hammon--------------------------Sam Hampton------------------------
Brandon Hanks----------------------------Chris Hansen-------------------------Kirsti Hansen
Jordan Harris---------------------------Miriam Hassard----------------------Shanda Hawkins
Jenny Haymore----------------------Michael Healey-----------------------Tony Hendrickson
               ---------------------------------Heather Hill------------------------------Cody Holt
Steve Hoover----------------------                                 ------------------------Elaine Howes
Kirk Hughes---------------------------Jeff Jackson-----------------------------Aaron Janssen
Jade Jensen------------------------Jonathon Jeppson---------------------------Lori Johansen
Brian Johnson---------------------------Jason Johnson---------------------------Lisa Johnson
Karen Larson-----------------------Jared Lehmberg------------------------------Emily Lewis
Nicholas Lopez------------------------Justin Lowry----------------------------Sandra Ludlow
Jefferson Lundell------------------------Jacob Luster--------------------------Chris McMillan
John Measom----------------------------William Moak------------------------Clint Montague
Mark Morley----------------------------Thane Nebeker
Karen Nelson---------------------------Tara Lee Nelson-----------------------
Leif Olsen---------------------------------Bradley Olson--------------------------Nicole Paice
Jeremy Painter--------------------------Troy Palmer--------------------------Ja'Naye Payne
                       --------------------------Aaron Peterson-----------------------Hillary Peterson
                       -----------------------Michael Poteet--------------------------Andrew Poulsen
Daniel Poulsen------------------------                      -------------------------------Josh Reece
Craig Richardson-----------------------Michael Richey--------------------------Teena Rigby
Daniel Robbins-----------------------Heath Robinson--------------------------Matthew Sacco
Fernanda Salazar----------------------Andrea Sanderson--------------------------Paul Searle
Lance Shepherd-------------------------Daniel Simons---------------------------------------
Chad Smith--------------------------------Cody Smith----------------------------Jamie Snow
Jillian Sorensen-----------------------Richard Stephenson-----------------------Jared Stubbs
Lisa Swan------------------------------James Swenson------------------------Shannon Talbot
Jennifer Taylor--------------------------LaVon Thomas-------------------------Zac Thomas
Jamison Thornton------------------------Denise Thorpe--------------------------Jon Tuckett
Sitaleki Vaitohi---------------------Melissa Vanroosendaal-------------------------Sam Vest
Fred Vincent-----------------------------Susan Voges---------------------------Justin Walker
Suzanne Warnock----------------------                        -------------------------Corey Weaver
Rachael Wessman--------------------Christine Williams------------------------Sally Williams
Alison Wilson---------------------------Amelia Wilson-----------------------

Classmates who have passed away...
Adam Bradford, Andrea Brierley, Jill Coray, Clint Taylor, Jaime Harrison, Lyle Hathaway, Ben Johnson, Brandon Larsen, Austin Lloyd, Daniel Maycock, Max Mower, Jeromy O'Brien, Hayes Olsen, Jeremy Poulsen, Jason Cloward


Shantelle said...

What happened to Andrea Brierley?

Jamie said...

I hate to post things like that on here. I really had hoped to eventually have an "In Memorium" post or something like that, but I haven't had the time to devote to getting it right. Andrea's Mom used to be my visiting teacher so I do have the whole story on her, but I'll keep it short. Andrea passed away about 9 yrs ago in the hospital a day or two after giving birth to her son. If I remember correctly, she contracted a rare infection after having the baby and died unexpectedly. Very sad...

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear.

Ashley Clayson's last name is now Jorgenson. And Kim Guyman is no longer a DART, I think her married name is Park. She used to manage Macarooni Grill in Provo.

Jamie said...

I knew that about Kim, but it can be kind of confusing because she is listed as Kimberly Dart in our senior yearbook. That's why I added the Guymon in there, but left the Dart. There are a few others like that (married in highschool, but divorced now). Thanks for the info. and if you run into anybody from our class, let them know about this site!

Anonymous said...

Thayne Cloward and Miriam Hassard are married, possibly living in Spanish Fork.
Alesha Stringham lives in Eagle Mountain and her married name is Orton.
Sarah Partida's married name is Nyberg and she lives in Riverton, UT.
Kolette Woofinden's married name is Brown. She may still be in Idaho.
Sara Finch married Keith Petersen.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Max Mower deceased too? I'm pretty sure he is.

Troy said...

David Carter lives back East (New Jersey I think)
his email is dieseldave1976 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Cami Mortensen's name on the list, but she is now a Stringham living in Draper

Anonymous said...

Sally Sims and Jake Hicks are married, they were living near Draper somewhere, I'm not sure if they're still there.

Anonymous said...

Heather Allred lives in Spanish Fork

Anonymous said...

Jake and Sally Hicks live in St. George now.

Anonymous said...

Brian Powers is missing from the list too. Kind of a big oversight considering he was just nominated for a Nobel prize in Economics.

Jamie said...

Very funny... I only copied the list from our senior yearbook and Brian Powers is not in it (just like when I google the Nobel prize thing). I will add anyone who would like to be included in our email list or blog roll (even if they didn't make it to graduation year) as long as they made it to highschool with us at some point. Brian Powers is going to have to contact me if he wants to be included... sfhs1994@gmail.com (or find me on facebook and send me a message). Other than that, if someone is NOT on the list, it is because I already have their email.

Anonymous said...

My sister told me that my name was on the list of people to find. I live is Spanish Fork and have 3 children. Twins that are 12 and a 9 year old-All boys. I just recently got divorced. I own my own business here in Spanish. My email is:milkshakeisbetter@hotmail.com.

Jill Farrer

Nelson Nitwits said...

Amy Anderson's married name is Amy Christmas. Thayne Cloward and Miriam Hassard are married and live in Spanish Fork around 600 South and around 1400 East. Kolette Woffinden married Roy Brown.

Anonymous said...

There are a few people on this list on Face Book. I hope that Helps.

Tiffany Brown

S said...

Ronald Cook's email is ronamy@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Amber Gardiner was living in Eagle Mountain.