Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's for real this time...

A new blog to add today! I've been bugging her forever to get this done... at last! Welcome Valorie Braithwaite Walters and her cute fam to the world of blogging!

(Guess what... my annoying emails to siblings are working - we've added several new emails to the list this week. The only thing is I don't always know everyone's siblings names so if you do, would you leave me a comment or send me an email with them. I'll do all the hard work (emailing is SO hard) of writing and bugging them.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

It feels like forever...

... since I've found a new blog to add on here, doesn't it?  Well, I found one today!  And then I listed it, but they didn't want me to so now it's not here... sorry.  The good news is I got their email address out of it (I'm so lame).

In other news, I've resorted to some new and interesting tactics in my search for emails... mostly I have exhibited a lack of embarrassment (in other words I have no shame).  For example, when I went to vote I ran into Steven and Peter Bernards mom (she was running the voting tables) and instead of hurrying through the line because there were a million anxious people behind me - I took my sweet time writing down this website address and asking (begging) her to give it to her boys.   I'm still waiting on results...  I saw a guy we went to high school with in line at Macey's and I would have run right over and begged his email address off of him IF ONLY my husband hadn't stopped me (he's always in a hurry to get out of Maceys plus I think he was embarrassed of his crazy wife). What can I say... I'm driven.  And just today I sent out emails to several classmates siblings in hopes of getting a couple of responses- I am so annoying...  but it just might work!

At any rate, I figure it's better than calling people's parents on the phone and trying to track them down... I have to draw the line somewhere!

So here's fair warning - please either have your email address written on a piece of paper in your wallet ready to give to me or be prepared to run the other way if you see me glance your way...  it is Christmas shopping season, I figure the odds are pretty good that if you live around here I might run into you.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I didn't forget...

I haven't forgotten about this site, but it sure has been a while since I've updated!  It looks like things are slowing down a bit.  For a while there we were averaging one or two new emails a day, it turns out Facebook was a big help!  It's still a little confusing to me and I have no plans to try out MySpace - so if you have an account there would you do me a favor and post something about the blog?  Thanks (in advance)!  It's time to start gearing up for the Holidays now.  I've been thinking about posting up some old dance pics from Harvest, if you've got any handy email them to and I'll make you famous!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to the Spanish Fork High School Class of 1994 Blog

I ran across the website/resume of a fellow classmate this week...  Leona Christensen!  It looks like she is enjoying a successful career as a writer and has interviewed some pretty famous people - fun!  I can't add her website in the sidebar because it isn't technically a blog and blogger doesn't seem to recognize it when I try, so I decided to stick it down in the "business section" (writing is her business, right?) for future reference.  Welcome to the blog Leona!

Monday, November 3, 2008

15 YEARS???

Can we really be old enough to be planning our 15 YEAR Class Reunion?

I had a little get together at my house over the weekend and we got a few details put together for the reunion. Let me give you the rundown...

Who was there... Austin & Kelly (Hendren) Cope, Greg & Heather (Stone) Kitchen, Kate (Frampton) Esplin, Michelle (Measom) Marziale, Heidi (Tischner) Wilkinson, and Zak and I. (Dave, Ben, and Jeron were there in spirit... o.k. not really, they were too busy watching football!)

What we talked about... When to have the reunion? Where to have it? What to eat? Should we invite families or just adults? How much it should cost? You get the idea...

What was agreed upon... First we all agree that we wanted to keep things casual and fairly inexpensive, BUT we still wanted a nice place to meet and GOOD food... oh and no kids allowed (except for really tiny, cute newborns)! Assignments were handed out and we are looking into our different options right now. The one thing we are SURE OF is the date! We wanted to coordinate with Fiesta Days, since that is when a lot of you come home anyway, and the 24th happens to be on a Friday in 2009... so we are going for SATURDAY JULY 25th, 2009. We figure all the festivities associated with the 24th (parade, rodeo, etc...) will be over and if we are lucky you will be able to squeeze in a little quality time with your old classmates.

ONE MORE THING... We are really trying to keep the costs down and one of those things that sucks A LOT of money from the fund is POSTAGE! So, once again, I am asking for ANY and ALL email addresses you may have of our classmates! I know some of you are holding out on me (I get email replies all the time that start out with "I was wondering when you would find me... I get on the class blog all the time"). Even if you NEVER plan on attending a reunion in your lifetime, we still have to PAY to send out a letter to somewhere (most likely your parents house or a last known address) so please - FOR THE LOVE- email me at and get it over with!

Pretty please... that's all for now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just for fun...

I borrowed the little video below from Marcie Romero's blog... thanks Marcie (and your husband for entertaining us all)!

Remember to turn off/pause the music in the sidebar before you play this... ENJOY!

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President ???

In the spirit of the upcoming election...

I thought I'd post up a new poll in the sidebar..................................don't be shy -VOTE!
We may not all agree on who will make the best President, but I bet we all AGREE that this election can not get over with soon enough!